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Which do you recommend/like better?

  • Konig Ampliform 245/40/18 ET35

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  • Aodhan AFF7 245/35/19 ET35

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Alrighty guys. So here is the deal....I have a 2022 Civic Sedan Touring in Aegan Blue on factory order slated for late September/early October. I had researched and leaned on a wheel for a quite while but than noticed the other newer member here showcasing his latest Aodhan AFF7 19" wheel install on a sonic grey sedan. Really caught my eye & alleviated any concerns if it could be done fitment wise on 19" stock suspension. I have been stuck going back forth between these two. Thought I had it settled in my mind but apparently not.

So for me its either the Konig Ampliform 18x8.5 ET35 245/40 tires or those Aodhan AFF7 19x8.5 ET35 245/35 tires the other member has in the photos section. Either way Bronze color. Just a cleaned up flush daily driver with tasteful mods later. I simply wanted a sharp reliable commuter I could personalize a bit for myself that will save me on gas.

Before I found the other user here with the Aodhan wheels....I had never heard of them and the few posts out on the web seem questionable or horror stories at times. I know people tend to over exaggerate but this is an investment I do not want to regret later down the line build quality wise or wheel failure etc. I drive spirited but not aggressive or crazy.

So my main concerns wheel wise:

1) Compared to the Konig is the AFF7 specifically comparable in build quality/durability over the long haul?
2) Never heard of, no experience about Aodhan. Should I avoid and go with Konig that is established and well known reputation wise?
3) On Konig I will run 245/40/18 series tire. On Aodhan 245/35/19 series. So ride quality comparable, will I regret it on the 35 series maybe? The 18" feels safest and most comfortable I would think, 19" would look better a bit and should be doable comfort wise I am thinking.
4) Lastly, style wise which wheel looks the best most appropriate in your eyes to you in Bronze on a Aegan Blue Civic?

...or I should stop being paranoid and stick with the AFF7 I already have on pre-order locally? I simply do not want to spend $2k+ roughly and have any regrets afterward. SO ANY & ALL OPINIONS ARE WELCOMED! THANK YOU KINDLY!
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