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Hey guys I previously had my subwoofer and amp installed and working well. Then I ran into issues with my connections to the line output converter because the connections were getting lose and were cutting out. I opted to connect them to my factory rear subwoofer for ease of installation. I wanted to do the head unit but after opening it I didn’t have the tools to get the head unit lose but long story short I can’t figure out what I did to get it to work. I’m just wondering if anyone else did this and if I could get some help. The output wires of the sub are red and white. The wires on my output converter are LF+(white) RF+(Grey) LF-(white/black) RF- (grey/black). I have the white grey going to the red wire on the factory sub wire, and white back grey black going to the white wire on the output wire. I feel like this should be right and not sure what I did wrong or if my RCA cables are faulty.
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