Practically brand new. All original accessories included. Used for a few weeks before I decided to remove it. I could not take advantage of most of the additional throttle response modes on my driving routes, and the impact on the 2022 Civic's Sport mode is basically inconsequential.

Do not let the marketing fool you - this does not decrease throttle "lag." That is simply impossible without changing parameters in the ECU. This is essentially an amplifier (or attenuator in some modes) that aims to "linearize" and increase the pedals sensitivity on the sportier modes. In essence - 25% throttle position increases RPM to what 50% throttle positon at stock settings would normally be. If you want to play with throttle sensitivity in Normal mode, this is great. However, don't expect the latency to magically disappear; the car still takes a fraction of a second to respond from changes in throttle position.