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Oil catch can and K&N air filter

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Installed a mishimoto oil catch can and a K&N filter. I will see how much oil it catches on the first oil change. Also the filter made a tiny improvement made the turbo a hair louder. Way better than stock. Worth the $40.
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After 3,500 miles this is how much my Mishimoto catch can caught.
Appreciate the follow-up! So is that a lot and would you consider this worthwhile? Not as familiar with catch cans.
I will take a look, thanks for the info
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How do you think removal would be with a strut bar above it?
More of a pain in the butt for sure. Do you already have a bar in there?
Yes, I do
If I had to make my choice I’d ditch the bar for the can, or just work around it. Those bars don’t do much anyway, the firewall braces the towers just fine which is why even the R doesn’t have a bar.

It also depends what bar and where it sits, but you should be totally fine to have both

edit: looked at your bar, it’s gonna make it a pain in the ass for sure. I’m like 99% sure you’ll have to remove it to install the can, but should be able to undo it for emptying with a little maneuvering without taking stuff apart
I will need to check it out a little closer, but getting the can in can't be worse than the brake brace haha.

As for the bar, it helped amazingly, highly suggest one. Plenty of performance parts don't come stock incl on the CTR :)
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Interesting info that came up in my research. Pease report back if you get anything in your can. Also what your build is.
I agree it's low cost high reward item. Thanks for the added info. I'm not going to be stock so more potential reward for running one.
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