Mugen has officially announced and revealed a new body kit and other accessories for the 2022 Civic hatchback!

Some of the prices for their parts include:

Lip Spoiler - ¥72,000 ($655)
Side Skirts - ¥93,000 ($846)
Exhaust System - ¥275,000 ($2,502)
Black Spoiler - ¥99,000 ($900)
18-Inch Aluminum Wheels - ¥140,000 ($1,273)
Mirror Caps - ¥35,000 ($318)

The new Honda Civic sedan and Civic hatchback are expected to pick up exactly where the 10th-generation Civic left off, providing high-value, dependable motoring. What the new Civic hasn't done is break the mold from a stylistic point of view. The new model has more conservative lines but tuners like Mugen have already shown us what a big difference a few sporty add-ons can make. At the time, Mugen had only shared two images of the Civic but a fresh batch of visuals have been released, giving us a better impression of the changes. The company also revealed the prices of the parts, although the catalog is in Japanese so we were only able to decipher the prices of some parts.

In front, there is a glossy lip spoiler that costs ¥72,000 (around $655 at current rates) while aggressive mirror caps go for ¥35,000 ($318) and flashy side skirts have a price tag of ¥93,000 ($846). A bespoke exhaust system with twin tailpipes on either side of the body costs ¥275,000 ($2,502) and a black spoiler on the tailgate goes for ¥99,000 ($900). The combined effect of all these changes really creates a much sexier hatchback. It doesn't stop there because Mugen's Civic also rides on 18-inch forged aluminum wheels which will cost ¥140,000 ($1,273). That's already over $5,000 in upgrades, but there is much more.

There is also a front grille decal and front/rear under spoilers. The gloss-black parts look especially good when paired with white paint, as in the example shown here. The catalog also showed off interior floor mats in black or red, brake pads branded with the Type S nomenclature and upgraded brake rotors. Even with all these upgrades, it doesn't look as cartoonish as the outgoing Civic Type R. Spy photos of the new Civic Type R show that it'll also come with a giant rear wing. If the new Type R looks as good as Mugen's body kit, Honda will have done a great job.

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