Mugen has announced that they will be offering body parts, performance parts, and wheels for the 11th gen Civics!

In their post on Facebook they say that orders are set to open in September:

(Translated to English)

Infinite parts pre-release for ′′ Civic ′′

Infinite (M-Tec Co Ltd.) (infinite below) will pre-release infinite parts of various parts against the new ′′ Civic ′′ announced by Honda Co Ltd.
In addition, the official announcement is scheduled for September th (Fri). After the announcement, we will be released from Honda cars and infinite parts store across the country.

The infinite parts for civic are the concept of ′′ Dynamic & Sports ′′ and we will lineup the parts that elevate the infinitely expected. For customers who dwell in the essence of cars such as styling and wheelie performance.

The exterior sets an item that claims a hatchback sporty presence. In addition, we also set parts that have been developed for an infinite sporty run, such as sports exhaust system and the inch forged aluminum wheel.

In addition, we will also lineup standard items such as bench visor and Sports Mat, which prevents outside intrusion and elevates ventilation effects.
The official announcement and the start of orders are scheduled for September th (Fri). Information on the release date, price, etc. Will be shown once again on the announcement date.

Thank you for your understanding and understanding until the official announcement.