Hyundai has officially unveiled the specs for the Elantra N. What does everyone think of what Hyundai has put together?

ELANTRA N Specifications

Specifications (in.)ELANTRA N
EngineForm2.0L Turbocharged, Direct injected
Maximum Output276 HP
286 HP (temporary NGS function
Maximum Torque289 lb.-ft.

Specific ELANTRA N Performance Improvements

Air Guide
The air guide, originated from motorsports, improves braking performance by allowing air to flow directly towards the brake to cool off the heat generated from braking.
Dust Cover cooling Holes
Even the smallest detail has been modified to improve braking performance. The size of dust cover has been minimized and holes have been added to cool the braking disc from the guided airflow.
Larger Brake Disc
Increased disc size of 14.2 in. enhances heat endurance capacity and braking performance. With a wider tire, ELANTRA braking performance places at the top of its class.
High friction Brake Pad
High friction coefficient material brake pads reduce fade and maximize bite when breaking at high speed. This shortens braking distance, which is the shortest among its competitors.
Pre-fill braking logic increases braking responsiveness by filling the brake hydraulic pressure in advance when sudden braking is expected.
Creep Off
Drivers can select between 'Creep On' and 'Creep Off'. When set to 'Creep Off', no additional braking is required when the car is stationary on the grid which allows faster acceleration.
Left foot Braking
Left-foot braking allows simultaneous brake and excellent pedal control. It improves vehicle yaw control. It is activated under the condition of 1. sport + or N mode, 2. ESC off and 3. gear knob on manual, which cancels brake override.
Flat Power
Flat power prolongs power at high RPM ranges, especially in high-speed acceleration. Greater engine response, improved torque and engine power extend maximum power duration, delivering a more powerful driving experience.
N Power Shift
As a DCT-exclusive feature, NPS enhances acceleration performance by maximizing engine torque during upshifts. NPS provides a 'push feel' during upshift as though shifting the sequential gear of a race car.
N Track Sense Shift
Automatically selects optimal gear shift and shift timing when track driving is sensed. This enables drivers to avoid busy gear shifting, like a professional driver.
Shift Pattern Differentiation
Shift Pattern differs mode by mode. Among 8 gears, N mode mostly uses 1~6 with shifting at higher RPM, while Normal mode uses all 8 gears. Uphill, downhill, tip-off and cornering specified shift logic prevents unnecessary gear shifting to provide optimal power delivery.
N Grin Shift
A DCT-exclusive feature, NGS provides an extra 10 horsepower for 20 seconds, boosting to 286 horsepower by temporarily utilizing turbocharger over-boost and maximizing transmission response. Reduced interval pause time of 40 seconds allows you to push NGS at every lap.
Launch Control
Launch Control allows driver to enjoy maximum acceleration from standstill with ease by optimizing engine torque and clutch engagement control. Drivers can easily repeat best standstill acceleration.
Turbine Optimization
Engine performance has been enhanced by increasing the size of turbine wheel from 47mm to 52mm and expanding the scroll area. The durability of the cylinder block has been enhanced by cross drilled treatment to optimize turbine responsiveness.
Engine TM Mount
Engine and transmission mount with larger stopper and optimized shape firmly holds on to the powertrain, improving steering responsiveness. Thus, minimizing roll and yaw behavior for optimal performance driving.
Rev Match
Automatically matches speed of engine and optimizes gear shift. When downshifting, automatic heel-and-toe reduces physical burden of manual shifting and allows faster corner exits.
Chassis /
Torque Steer Control
Torque steer control prevents excessive abnormal rotation of steering wheel caused by disparities in torque between left and right sides of the drive wheel at rapid acceleration. This improves overall driveline alignment.
Steering Solid Mounting
R-MDPS system and sub-frame are affixed solidly, improving direct steering feedback. Fast steer and counter-steer are also improved based on this mounting structure.
4 points underbody Enhancement
4 points of underbody enhancement strengthen body rigidity and improve ride & handling: 1) Sub-frame front reinforced structure 2) V. Stay 3) Center Tunnel Stay 4) Rear Tunnel Brace.
Rear Stiff Bar
H-shape multijointed rear stiff bar increases body rigidity by 29 percent compared to the base model. Not only does this improve ride & handling, but the red color also adds to the overall sporty look.
4 points Strut Ring
Originated from racing cars, the strut ring has been reinforced with an additional connection point. 4-point strut ring connects the suspension and body tightly, improving ride & handling precision.
Integrated Drive Axle
Inspired by WRC rally cars, the drive shaft, wheel hub and bearing have been developed into one integrated drive axle. This is beneficial in terms of withstanding extreme lateral g-force, weight reduction of 3.74 lbs. and noise reduction.
Dual Compound Bushing
2 types of compound bushings are applied for ride comfort and firm handling, respectively in the vertical and horizontal direction. This is one of the key factors that make ELANTRA N a performance car.
Torque Feedback R-MDPS
Improves steering consistency and precision in any driving condition through robust torque feedback logic, providing a more precise steering experience when carving corners.
Electronic Controlled Suspension
A different range of damping force based on speed, driver input, road condition and driving modes provides better ride and handling performance. This 2nd generation ECS allows the widest range of suspension setting ever, from extreme track situations to a road trip.
Electronic Limited Slip Differential
Actively distributes torque between the inner and outer wheels when cornering. This enhances dynamic performance, allows faster corner exits and minimizes understeer by optimizing wheel slip and weight transfer.
N Electronic Stability Control
N Electronic Stability Control maximizes thrill and fun in corners by providing a 'rear end drift' feeling.
Aluminum Knuckle
Aluminum knuckle reduces the weight of unsprung mass, providing more agile ride & handling.
(Lower control arm bushing)
Lower control arm bushings are strengthened to its limit for sharper and precise handling. The most optimal tire and G-bushing combination is offered by taking advantage of the extra comfort margin of a wider tire.
Duct-style air guard
For maximum cooling on the radiator surface, airflow is guided by a duct-style air guard. This maximizes speed, improves aerodynamic, fuel-efficiency, and cooling ability in extreme conditions.
Rear Resonance Control
Rear Resonance Control provides maximum comfort in the back seat by reducing road booming noise.
Upshift Bang Sound
The Upshift Bang Sound is created by controlling fuel flow of the single cylinder and fully opening the variable exhaust valve. This recreates the emotional sound of motorsports.
N Sound Equalizer
N Sound Equalizer amplifies dynamic driving sound in harmony with the famous N exhaust sound through interior speakers. Drivers can select between sporty, high performance and TCR mode and even customize three different tones and levels.
Linear Variable Exhaust Valve System
The N exhaust sound has been restructured and refined by adding linear variable valve setting from 0 to 100. When you are idling in normal mode, creep booming will be minimized. While on N mode, wide-open valves generate exhaust sound that suits your N mood.
Design /
3 Bridged Spoiler wing
Wing-type spoiler improves aerodynamics for maximum speed and faster corner exits.
Under Body Optimization
A wider coverage of undercover enhances underbody air flow. This reinforcement in aerodynamics help improve high-speed driving balance.
Low & Wide design
Semi-gloss black pearl mask, front lip spoiler, rear diffuser and wider tires maximize ELANTRA N's low and wide stance.
Lowest Seat Position
With N light bucket seat and 10mm lowered seating position, a deeper connection between the driver and vehicle is formed. The overall center of gravity is also lowered.
Seat Roominess
Carrying over the excellence of the base model, ELANTRA N boasts the most spacious rear seat roominess among its competitors. The N light sports bucket seat reduces 2 inches of seatback thickness compared to the base model, securing an additional rear seat roominess.
Wider Tire
The ELANTRA N is the first N model to be offered Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 245/35ZR 19-inch tires. These high-performance tires are offered as standard, providing superior grip in every phase of cornering.
Intake /
Lightweight Direct Intake
The air intake system has been restructured for better airflow into the engine, reducing the air pressure by 10 percent. This also reduces overall weight by 895g.
New Infotainment system
Enhances readability and visibility of various driving information.