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Honda Civic Hatchback gets slight price increase for 2021

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The 2021 Civic is getting a small price increase from last year. They dropped the EX-L model from the lineup so there are 5 trim levels.

Here's the price list (prices don't include $955 destination and handling charge)

Civic LX:
$22,000 (CVT)

Civic Sport:
$23,100 (Manual)
$23,900 (CVT)

Civic EX:
$24,500 (CVT)

Civic Sport Tourning:
$28,400 (Manual)
$29,200 (CVT)

Civic Type R:
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Its a reasonable increase and compares well with Civic rivals as usual.
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It makes sense if they're dropping the EX-L. It shouldn't affect sales at all.
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