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looking at a 2022 civic 2.0 not turbo- manual transmission with front end collision damage.

damage is to extreme right as you face from front - drivers side - seemed to go high - crumpling hood and encroaching on under top part of right most hood space - in line with/through drivers side head light and moving upwards. however damage appears to have missed frame, radiator, and important parts of engine bay. however fuse box appears to be knocked upwards/rearwards, air intake box disrupted but there - front corner at and above headlight damaged - damage to front drivers side fender, air bags front/right activated, drivers front wheel well, welded fender backing piece. damage appears to have gone up and over wheel well so I don't think suspension/transmission/wheel affected.

any hints as to if this is something that pehaps can be fixed with conventional body parts replacement, some body work, hood/fender/bumper component replacement - and reconnecting/resetting fuse/relay box some harness terminations, and air box without real serious effects on engine, sensors or frame? Seems like no honda sense sensors/cameras are affected. I think 2022 Civic just has front facing camera behind windshield which is intact/not affected.

I'm an engineer with some decent auto skills and my young adult son and I are pretty handy but not automotive mechanics by any means.

damage and representative non-damaged photos attached

THanks in advance! for any thoughts/cautions/things I need to verify when I can do a close up pre purchase on inspection.

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