Hi guys, looks like my 2022 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring build date keeps getting pushed back, so I had to get a car that was in stock. I ended up getting a 2022 Accord Sport 2.0 which was what I wanted a long time ago. I guess everything worked out. However I purchased a bunch of parts and stuff before I got my civic. My loss is your gain. Everything is brand new and never used.

Lasfit All weather floor mats $110 local pick up only due to size and weight of box. Located in Metro Atlanta area.

HPD Emblem kit Part # 08F20-T20-100D $25 shipped

Gloss black H- Mark and Civic Emblems Part # 08F20-T47-100A $70 shipped

Black Lug nuts 20 pack Part # 08W42-PL4-100 $120 shipped

I took 16/20 lugnuts out of the packaging to install on the Civic once it arrived, but the car still isnt built yet. They are brand new and never used. 16/20 are in a zip lock bag, the remaining 4 are still in there oem packaging.

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