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I have a pistol grip shift preference , I don't like shifting ball knobs. I ran the 10th gen CTR Japan knob for a bit and liked it, but it was a knock off and it didn't hold up well and I didn't want to spend $250+ on the real deal.

27won released a nice leather knob recently, that would be my first choice, the only complaint is that it does not have the shift pattern embossed on it, but it is a nice leather knob which I would still run.
I just installed the 27WON shift knob on my Si and love it. It was super easy to install and has a fantastic weight to it. I've never preferred the metal shifters and loved the pistol shifter in my old Integra. The 27WON is a great alternative but I agree with the other posters that they should have some how inscribed the 1-2-3-4-5-6-R pattern albeit for purely aesthetic reasons.
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