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If your like me you hate chrome, don't know why it's still a thing.
Anyway, you can't buy modded center caps for the 2022 sport wheels, everything is for 69mm or 2 3/4. Ours are 2 3/8.
I thought I would show you what I did to mine and maybe help someone else looking to do the same.
Pull the wheel and pop out the caps, do not try any other method, they are in there good.
The "H" emblem is pressed in and cannot be removed with dental floss or fishing line because there is a tab that grabs the slot on the back side.
Cut the tab off, it's cheap plastic of course so easy to do.
You can try pushing out from the backside but I had no luck so I used my finger nail to lift enough to get my trim tool under to pop it out.
Paint with your favorite color and enjoy!
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