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Hey guys!

New 2022 Civic owner and new member of this forum.

I am hoping one of you guys can help me with a little issue. I am trying to add a shock sensor to the factory alarm.

I was able to locate good sources for continuous and ignition power. I also found a good place to ground. But I am having trouble locating the correct wire for the car’s door sensor.

My previous cars had a door pin in the sill whose wire I would be able to trace back to the kick panel and tap into. But the Civic doesn‘t use such a pin to tell the car the door is open.

I tried closing the physical latch on the door itself. And use a multimeter to try and find the correct wire. But I was unsuccessful. I also removed the trunk insulation and tried tracing the trunk wires back to the dash but couldn’t find the corresponding wire under the dash.

I thought about having a professional install it. But since the car is so new, I’m not sure anyone has actually worked on one before. Not sure if I want them using my car to learn on.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it!
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