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22 Civic LX steering wheel sticking

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Just want to document/share an issue I've had recently. 14k miles Civic LX sedan.

The steering wheel sticks at times. Driving straight and in turns. It's a slight stick, but increasingly more noticeable.

While driving straight it happens if I don't touch the wheel for a few seconds. Then I'll need to make a minor correction and it's stuck. I have to put some decent pressure on the wheel to make it unstuck, which causes an over-correction. If i steadily make corrections it doesn't stick.

Same in a turn. If I am making a slow or wide turn, wheel stays in same position for a second, it doesn't just roll out of the turn easily. I have to force it to come out of the turn. Again once it's unstuck it feels fine. Leaving it in one position for more than a second or two initiates the stuck. I'll be taking it to dealer, but wondering if anyone else has a sticking steering system?
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I've been driving a POS kia forte loaner since Nov 28th. Rack is on backorder with no ETA for delivery.

I'm concerned that this problem will resurface after 10K km based on all these complaints.

This car should be listed as Do Not Buy.
I have a POS Kia Forte, it has been a good reliable car (knock on wood) for 5 years now unlike the civic. I got almost 75k km on it so far so good.
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Went to the dealership. The mechanic told he had seen another customer with the same issue before me and took the car for a drive. He was immediately able to replicate the issue and said he will change the rack. Car is still in warranty so I think problem solved.
Dealership- Honda Ottawa
Problem solved for the time being. Will see you here again after 15k miles buddy.
I don’t know the answer, but my guess is that since Honda hasn’t acknowledged or figured out the root cause, 2023’s and probably 2024s will have the problem as well.

It took Honda 2 1/2 years to figure out that they had faulty condensers in the 10th Gen. it will probably take about as long for the 11th Gen steering rack.

The more bad publicity Honda gets from this the sooner they will acknowledge the problem.
Funny thing is "Sticky Steering Issue" was first found and reported to dealerships in 2016. They didn't fix it since 2016.
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