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22 Civic LX steering wheel sticking

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Just want to document/share an issue I've had recently. 14k miles Civic LX sedan.

The steering wheel sticks at times. Driving straight and in turns. It's a slight stick, but increasingly more noticeable.

While driving straight it happens if I don't touch the wheel for a few seconds. Then I'll need to make a minor correction and it's stuck. I have to put some decent pressure on the wheel to make it unstuck, which causes an over-correction. If i steadily make corrections it doesn't stick.

Same in a turn. If I am making a slow or wide turn, wheel stays in same position for a second, it doesn't just roll out of the turn easily. I have to force it to come out of the turn. Again once it's unstuck it feels fine. Leaving it in one position for more than a second or two initiates the stuck. I'll be taking it to dealer, but wondering if anyone else has a sticking steering system?
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Do any 2023 models have this issue or is it just 2022?
I have a 23 si, roughly around 1400km and I'm yet to really experience it. Not sure if this is considered a " sticking steering wheel" but when I make a really fast left or right turn at a light, I feel something on my steering. But aside from that, everything is good
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