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22 Civic LX steering wheel sticking

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Just want to document/share an issue I've had recently. 14k miles Civic LX sedan.

The steering wheel sticks at times. Driving straight and in turns. It's a slight stick, but increasingly more noticeable.

While driving straight it happens if I don't touch the wheel for a few seconds. Then I'll need to make a minor correction and it's stuck. I have to put some decent pressure on the wheel to make it unstuck, which causes an over-correction. If i steadily make corrections it doesn't stick.

Same in a turn. If I am making a slow or wide turn, wheel stays in same position for a second, it doesn't just roll out of the turn easily. I have to force it to come out of the turn. Again once it's unstuck it feels fine. Leaving it in one position for more than a second or two initiates the stuck. I'll be taking it to dealer, but wondering if anyone else has a sticking steering system?
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SAME ISSUE!! 2022 civic sport sedan with 17k ! Any updates?
Took ours, 2022 Civic Sport (7000 miles), to the Honda dealer in Hilton Head. Explained the issue, they said leave the car. They called back within the hour. They identified the problem as a defective steering rack. Said the part will be 3-4 weeks. They did not want us to drive it. Gave us a loaner for the duration.
Same issue took to piedmont honda told me they had no idea how long till the get the steering rack replacement but they will call me and sent me on my way so im having to drive with this issue for who knows how long NOT SAFE!
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