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22 Civic LX steering wheel sticking

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Just want to document/share an issue I've had recently. 14k miles Civic LX sedan.

The steering wheel sticks at times. Driving straight and in turns. It's a slight stick, but increasingly more noticeable.

While driving straight it happens if I don't touch the wheel for a few seconds. Then I'll need to make a minor correction and it's stuck. I have to put some decent pressure on the wheel to make it unstuck, which causes an over-correction. If i steadily make corrections it doesn't stick.

Same in a turn. If I am making a slow or wide turn, wheel stays in same position for a second, it doesn't just roll out of the turn easily. I have to force it to come out of the turn. Again once it's unstuck it feels fine. Leaving it in one position for more than a second or two initiates the stuck. I'll be taking it to dealer, but wondering if anyone else has a sticking steering system?
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if anyone is still following this thread i urge you to goto Report a Safety Problem | NHTSA and report this problem
Mine just started this at 50,000 and yes, please if you have issues report accordingly. This is a safety issue and I want Honda to own this.
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If you are having these issues and have not reported this to NHTSA. Please take two minutes out of your week to help us all out by doing so.
Here is a direct link for your convenience. Thank you.

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Just adding this here NHTSA is responding with correspondence regarding our steering issue. They have 129 complaints up from 15 when I reported in September of 2022. This is great news and I wanted to share it to this thread. If you have this problem and have not already reported go to NHTSA and file please and thank you.

I have received an Email this morning from NHTSA requesting a call to answer a few questions they have on our steering issues. I have been given a list of the questions they are currently investigating. Feel free to help me with any feedback you have after reading this questionnaire. I will be speaking with them sometime early next week. Anyone else received a response from NHTSA?

1. Does the steering stick right away when you start driving or does it take some time?
a. If it takes some time, approximately how long?
b. During longer drives, does the sticking get worse over time, better, or stay the same?
c. During long drives does the issue occur consistently/constantly for the entire drive, or
only once/twice and then disappear?
2. Does the steering stick doing city driving?
3. Does the steering stick while highway driving?
4. Is there a certain speed (or speeds) where the sticking steering occurs or becomes worse?
5. Does the sticking get worse over time, better, or stay the same?
6. Have you taken your car into the dealer?
a. If so, were they able to duplicate the problem?
b. Did the dealer find any trouble codes?
7. Does the sticky steering occur whether Lane Keep Assist/Lane Departure is on or off?
8. Do you remember at about how many miles (odometer) the sticky steering started to occur?
a. Has it gotten worse over time, better, or stayed the same?
9. When the sticky steering occurs do you need to overcompensate to correct the stuck wheel?
a. If so, has this caused you to veer into another lane?
10. Have you noticed whether the sticky steering occurs more during warmer or colder weather?
11. When turning the steering wheel does either side (left or right) feel worse than the other?
12. Does a certain portion of the wheel feel stuck (for example the 9 o’clock position)?
13. Have you already had the vehicle’s first oil change?
a. How many oil changes have been performed?
b. Have you noticed any correlation between the oil changes and the sticky steering?
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For what its worth this isn't always the case. My Si had to have the turbo replaced due to a sticking wastegate at 20k miles, CarFax just shows "Maintenance Inspection Completed" and "Oil Change Completed"
I had a clutch replaced in a 2020 Subaru WRX at 1700 miles. It showed the car was in for service maintenance. I traded it in with 24,000 miles and no record of this being performed on the service history.
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