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22 Civic LX steering wheel sticking

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Just want to document/share an issue I've had recently. 14k miles Civic LX sedan.

The steering wheel sticks at times. Driving straight and in turns. It's a slight stick, but increasingly more noticeable.

While driving straight it happens if I don't touch the wheel for a few seconds. Then I'll need to make a minor correction and it's stuck. I have to put some decent pressure on the wheel to make it unstuck, which causes an over-correction. If i steadily make corrections it doesn't stick.

Same in a turn. If I am making a slow or wide turn, wheel stays in same position for a second, it doesn't just roll out of the turn easily. I have to force it to come out of the turn. Again once it's unstuck it feels fine. Leaving it in one position for more than a second or two initiates the stuck. I'll be taking it to dealer, but wondering if anyone else has a sticking steering system?
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Thats ok.. nope.. never did which surprised me that they said there were codes. … guess u can have some freeze frame codes that dont show up.. not really sure..service advisor said he honestly wasnt sure what the mechanic did..just told him it was faulty.. which made me happy that i didnt have to fight with them
When I took My Si in for the same issue there were a few undefined codes regarding the VSA and CMBS software in regards to my steering. However they couldn't get anything further with it other than it had some software updates. After applying those updates, the drove it (Down the block and back) and couldn't replicate. I just dropped the car back off today. and since its been warmer, it doesn't take as long for the sticky steering to reappear.
Smart! I'm just waiting for my POS to be returned so I can trade it in. I will never buy another honda product after this experience.
I'm pretty much in the same boat, got yanked around by the dealer, let them have the car for a week (Without a loaner) just to get we couldn't find anything wrong. I have a long commute so I am out of warranty on the parts and it's only getting worse. It sucks, because I loved the car, just ruined by all of the issues I've had, and the garbage dealer experience. Just waiting to find the correct car to replace it. Thankfully I didn't pay over MSRP on my Si, and the market is still hot.
ANY service done by the dealer would be documented (as it was for the dozens of records). For gods sake they even document a lug nut replacement. Even recalls, my old car even has the hybrid system recall which was performed at 155,000 miles, on the CarFax.
For what its worth this isn't always the case. My Si had to have the turbo replaced due to a sticking wastegate at 20k miles, CarFax just shows "Maintenance Inspection Completed" and "Oil Change Completed"
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I have a 23 si, roughly around 1400km and I'm yet to really experience it. Not sure if this is considered a " sticking steering wheel" but when I make a really fast left or right turn at a light, I feel something on my steering. But aside from that, everything is good
II believe that's the mechanical LSD you're feeling.
Its definitely the diff working that you're feeling
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