Motor Trend got to test of the Type R and here's what there results were.

0-60 time - 5.3 seconds
1/4 mile time - 13.9 seconds at 104.2 mph

Oops—It's Not Quicker
Also like before, the Type R limits the engine's speed when the vehicle is stationary to about 4,000 rpm—making hard launches a delicate operation. Usually, turbocharged front-wheel-drive cars launch best with some wheelspin, which keeps the engine from bogging and ensures it's on boil when the tires hook up. The Civic? Limited to well below its 6,500-rpm horsepower peak, the engine just falls flat if you try and feed it revs and sidestep the clutch pedal—despite the torque peak living at a low 2,600 rpm. Launching the car with more clutch slip to keep engine speeds elevated, we could only get the new Type R down to 5.3 seconds to 60 mph. That time matches the performance of a 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition we tested near the end of that generation's production run.

The new Type R actually cedes some time in the quarter-mile to that 2021 Limited Edition, hitting the traps in 13.9 seconds at 104.2 mph, 0.2 second later and 3.6 mph slower. In all fairness, the special-edition '21 Civic Type R weighed in 90 pounds less than this 2023 model. A 2017 Civic Type R we tested right when the previous generation launched in 2016 weighed nearly the same as this new version, and posted a 14.0-second, 102.5-mph quarter mile and a 5.4-second 0-60-mph result. Even the less-powerful Hyundai Elantra N, which also is front-drive, beats the new Type R to 60 mph, at least with its optional dual-clutch auto.

Frankly, straight-line acceleration is the only instance in which the 2023 Civic Type R's front-wheel drive hampers it at all, rev limitations or not. A 2022 Volkswagen Golf R with virtually the same output but with all-wheel drive and a dual-clutch automatic transmission smokes the Type R to 60 mph and through the quarter-mile in 4.2 seconds and 12.8 seconds at 108.7 mph. Honda can at least hang its hat on beating the less powerful, also-all-wheel-drive Toyota GR Corolla's 5.4-second zero-to-60-mph time, even if the Toyota still tops it in the quarter-mile.