the exterior of the Sport trim is beautiful. The black rims are a perfect compliment to the shape and body of the car. It is a very sharp and sleek looking car. Some would say it’s simple, but sometimes less is more.
What an upgrade. From the technology to the overall design, the interior is very attractive and makes driving that much more fun. Although the Sport doesn’t have the full digital cluster and a smaller infotainment screen, it still has a good amount of technology for the price. I wish it would have more than 1 USB connection but you get a good amount of tech for a car at this price.
Driving experience:
I found the drive of the Sport to be very smooth and robust. It is a low car, but you don’t really feel any bumps or holes in the road. The steering wheel has good response and feel to it, making the control a lot smoother. I was able to try it in Sport mode as well, and I noticed a slightly stronger pull but then again I didn’t want to speed ;)

overall, this car is beautiful and gets you a decent amount of tech and performance for the price. I would love to purchase it and am still debating whether to buy at MSRP or just wait. Cheers!