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Toyota is getting back into the hot hatchback game in the US with the upcoming GR Corolla.

Japanese auto outlet Best Car is reporting that the GR Corolla is going to come with the Turbocharged 3-cylinder engine that's in the European GR Yaris. If that's the case it could also get all-wheel drive like the GR Yaris.

Translated from Japanese:

The Corolla Touring of the wagon has a hot model 2000 Limited, which was released with a limited number of 500 units, so it is natural that a hot model will be prepared for Corolla Sports with a hatchback body that is more suitable for sports driving.

Currently, the Corolla Sport GRMN contains information that it is under development. The debut time is likely to fall from 2020 to spring 2021.

After all, attention is that the same straight 3, 1.6L turbo as GR Yaris will be installed. The latest 4WD system that uses an electronically controlled coupling for an output of 272ps / 37.7kgm shows a speed approaching VW Golf R (310ps / 40.8kgm). The transmission is combined with a 6-speed iMT.

The question is though, when it's all spec'd out will the GR Corolla be a rival for the Civic Si or the Type R?
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