Honda will reveal the new 2022 Civic Hatchback in July with specs to follow in August, according to a leaked dealer manual that outlines how the automaker plans to introduce the 5-door model.

This info comes from a source in Japan that shared these other details on what to expect.

It is expressed by the name "YX" there, but as you read the contents, you can immediately see that it is the information of the new Civic."

"In addition to the base "LX", the grade will be a high-end grade "EX" equipped with leather seats and a 10.2-inch TFT meter."

"And what is interesting is that when you look at the material, it is clearly stated that "e: HEV and Type R will be introduced next year." E: HEV will be added to the new Civic."

"The release is said to be "summer", but based on the stories of the people concerned, it is planned to have a world premiere in July and official announcement in late August → sales start."