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2022 Civic Touring Battery Woes

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Hi all,

I am seeking some assistance here.
My 2022 Civic Touring battery has completely drained to a point that all the systems have died, door locking doesnt work, dash / interior lights are off, and even the push start button doesn't glow.

I ordered a Portable Jump Starter off Amazon but nada, nothing. The jump start lights on the portable charger turns green, gives me 20 seconds to jump start, but the engine push button wont go all the way through to turn on the car. I even held the FOB close to the button to make sure there is contact but as I mentioned, it doesn't even light up to turn on and jump start the car. Not sure if this is because the portable jump starter v/s a regular car based jump starter issue.

Should I try buying a battery charger off Amazon and see if I can revive the battery?
Is my only option now an expensive tow and dealership fix or an AAA service?

Edit: Looks like Metromile, my insurance covers roadside assistance including Jump Start and the person came over in 15 mins to Jump start it. As a relatively new car owner, I had no idea this existed.

Back story, not sure what sucked the power so much?
I have never had problems with the car, have driven it approx. couple of times a week. It has less than 3000 miles in a year since I purchased the car.
Recently did a yearly oil maintenance where they did a Complimentary multi-point inspection and reported all good for the battery voltage.
Drove a couple of times after that and then left the car for ~2 weeks and now the battery is completely empty!
The only accessories I have is a dash cam connected to cigarette lighter, a led light strip via USB and a Metromile insurance tracker plugged via OBD port.
None of these are new accessories so not sure what drained the battery so much.

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My battery died once. My car wasn’t sitting for a long time and I wasn’t using any accessories. It just died in a store parking lot
I would see if you could have the dealer take a look at it. You could have a short circuit somewhere that's causing a parasitic drain. I had some after market headlights do that to me and I thought it was just really cold weather.
You barely drive it. That's likely why. 3k in a year is very little mileage to keep the battery properly charged, especially if you're driving in the city more than longer highway stretches.
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