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2022 Civic Hatchback Si
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After an amazing launch of the Honda Civic 2022 Prototype a couple months back I was left wondering and wanting more. When would the hatchback models would be shown? And as a huge Si fan I was left wondering how long I’d have to wait until I see an Si. With the recent news about the Si coupé, will they shift their focus back to a possible return of a hatchback Si?!

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[ When I decided to buy a new car back in 2016, I was very focused on daily drivability and sports driving enjoyability. At the time I compared a 2017 Civic Hatchback and the 2017 Civic Si Coupé and very long story short, though both are really great cars I opted for the hatchback due only to the two extra doors, rear passenger space and of course, a hatch where I can transport my bass and equipment very comfortably. It just works for me. After a couple of years of driving the hatch though, it felt like it was just any old road car. It lacked fun. It lacked mmph. The CVT is utterly boring and the interior is suit and tie. Not a bad thing, just not for me. I find myself envying the Si. I still want one real bad but the 26 cubic foot trunk space goes a very long way for me and I just can’t let that go.]

My list of reasons the Civic Si Hatchback might make a return.

1. Ohio Factory Test Track
2. A comeback in the hot hatch market
3. Death of Civic Si Coupé
4. Civic RS Hatchback

Let’s get to it.

1. Ohio factory test track.
It’s relatively well known that Honda’s factory in Ohio has an amazing testing grounds next to it where manufacturers from all around come and test their cars. Its known as the Transportation Research Center (TRC) and Honda has a very close representation of the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan right there. The fact that they’re being tested at TRC might indicate performance handling tests. Tsukuba Circuit is an interesting track that really emphasizes handling in high speeds such as turn 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 12. That’s just over half of the turns! In theory that’s what Honda could be testing for a higher output sharper handling Si that of course does well in regular road conditions. Testing In the TRC could also indicate an update in the Honda Sensing Suite. The TRC is a huge playground almost specifically designed for autonomous vehicle and sensor testing and its rigorous enough for the likes of Tesla and that speaks for itself.

2. A comeback in the hot hatch market. For years now the Crossover/SUV has been the dominating body style do to its practicality, space and visibility. And in abstract thought many people just like bigger cars. Thankfully though due to the increase in popularity of motorsports, an increase of popularity in the European and Japanese markets and an increase of age in the 1990’s generation of people who want both practicality and fun , the hatch has been steadily making a comeback for demand. Though demand is slowly recuperating it still only made up around 12% in global sales in 2018 and a one percent loss to 11% in 2019 which is still a very small portion and has ground to take back. I believe this may be due to a niche market which is still growing. There’s also just the issue with auto manufacturers not exactly creating many over here in the states, for obvious reasons. I feel Honda may try and take advantage of this situation and re-release a fun, peppy hatchback. It would make sense for the buyer who does not want a Crossover/SUV but wants the practicality of one with the sportiness of a sedan or coupé, the market is there! Ripe for the taking!

3. The Death of the Civic Si Coupé. As most of us know, Honda has stopped production of the CSiC after the 2020 release. Sales for Coupés just have not been as strong as they used to be and very simply put it is a body style that has been killed by the SUV/Crossover. I believe that Honda, after comparing and contrasting, has been using that R&D towards a Hatchback Si. A sporty car with lots of space which can compete against an SUV/Crossover almost directly. Both have loads of space for both passengers and cargo!
4. Overseas (if you’re from the states) there was an interesting experiment that Honda released named the Civic RS Hatchback. It’s a very sporty car with the exception of a CVT transmission. The fact that Honda dwelled in this territory leads me to believe that they want something more for the hatchback that is not the Type-R. The creation of the Civic RS Hatchback leads potential to a hatchback Si!

(Edit) the hatchback will not be produced @ trc

I’m working on getting a concept render of how i see it looking like

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The more hot hatches the better in my opinion. Toyota's been getting back in board with the GR Yaris and rumoured GR Corolla and I think Honda should do the same. In a sea of crossovers and SUVs it seems like sporty cars are slowly on the rise again.

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In recent years I noticed more hatchbacks on the market and they have been selling well. That alone should be a reason for Honda to offer more with the 11th Civic Hatchback. At the same time some automakers have been trimming sedan offerings.
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