The US-market 2022 Civic Sedan and Hatchback gets HondaLink that you can connect to wirelessly through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It connects you to the latest information from Honda, displays tips for vehicle usage, and allows you to get support via road side or customer service center.

This is in addition to Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto integration that could overlap HondaLink features and functions.


These steps from the owners manual will get you connected.

For other markets like Japan, it Honda CONNECT is standard:

The 2022+ Civic Sedan and Hatchback gets Honda CONNECT that offers innovative safety, security and convenience – advanced smart technology that turns your car into an intelligent vehicle that’s always accessible from your smartphone.

Here's what you need to know.

Automatic map update service
Automatically update to a new map.
The map is updated "automatically" by communication. We will guide you to the best route to your destination.

Honda remote operation
You can operate and check the car with your smartphone.
Operate the car with your smartphone even at a remote location.
You can start the air conditioner and be notified / locked if you forget to lock the door. In addition, the location of the car can be grasped on the map, and it can be easily found even in a large parking lot.

Honda digital key
Smartphones are the key to cars.
You can unlock the door and start the engine with your usual smartphone.

In-car Wi-Fi
Turn your car into a Wi-Fi spot.
Connect smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc. to the car's Wi-Fi. You can enjoy music, videos, and games. Of course, teleworking is also possible with a personal computer. You can purchase as much traffic as you need on the in-car display.

Honda App Center
Spread the fun with your favorite app.
Provides an easy-to-use app in the car. Unlimited use of music apps and destination search apps without using the communication capacity of your smartphone.

Emergency support center
Operator support with the touch of a button.
In the unlikely event, the car and the emergency support center can be connected with the touch of a button. In addition, it will automatically notify you when the airbag is deployed. Since the situation of the car is shared with the operator, we provide accurate and prompt support in case of emergency or trouble.