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11th gen e:HEV owners in Australia

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Hi all -

Just joined the forum and keen to see who else from Australia is here.

(Bought my hybrid - white - in December and, so far, love the thing.)

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Guy, in the UK only get 2 fobs but they are keyless entry so just sit in pocket all the time including locking the car.
Hi douglasco190
I ordered my Civic e:HEV just after the order book opened in August 2022. No deposit and order based on result of the test drive. Drove the Civic twice 23rd (short drive) and 25th ( 4 hour test drive) September. Picked the Civic up on 10th October. My Civic came off the ship with the first batch to reach the UK. I've been dealing with the general manager for over 14 years and over 2 dealerships. First dealership as sales manager/dealer principal, second dealership as general manager.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts