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11th gen e:HEV owners in Australia

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Hi all -

Just joined the forum and keen to see who else from Australia is here.

(Bought my hybrid - white - in December and, so far, love the thing.)

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Congratulations on picking up your Civic hybrid @Guy 馃嚘馃嚭! Welcome to the forum! How has the car been treating you so far? It's a shame they don't sell it in the US.
Thanks @Palmer8 - it's fantastic so far. Zero complaints. Yes it's weird the hybrid hasn't yet made it to the US. It's a great car that I cannot fault and I can imagine there's plenty of demand in the US for the thing.

On a side note. there are very few 11th gen Civics on the road here in Aus. It's considered overpriced (fixed price agency model) and Honda hasn't done a great job explaining to the market that the brand is moving up-market to compete with entry-level BMWs and Audis etc. Oddly, for Australia Honda only offers the highest trim level of both the turbo petrol and hybrid varieties. One trim level only for each. The hybrid gets the works - sunroof, Bose sound system, leather seats, full digital display etc, making it the better value of the two. The turbo petrol lacks all those things and also omits parking sensors (crazy decision).
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I ordered my white civic ehev in December and got it like a week later, really enjoying it ! I love the fact its not so common.

@Guy 馃嚘馃嚭 have you been called up to get your Honda connect set up this week ?

What kind of mileage are you getting ? Im getting any where between 750 - 850km per tank on regular 91 mix of city and freeway - based in Sydney
I set up Honda Connect at the dealership when taking delivery of the car (mine's white, too - nice).

Regarding mileage, I've been using sport mode more recently and am getting 5L/100km. When I was using normal mode over the Christmas break and doing a combination of city and longer drives, I saw it dip to a low of 3.7L per 100km (!!!) at one point.

Am very impressed with the fuel consumption relative to performance.

I've only see one other eHEV on the road so far here in Sydney.
Have not yet received my car so I don't actually know :)
Started out using the regular key fob but have recently switched to using credit card key thing. It's awesome. So slim and no need to ever touch it - just carry it around in your pocket.
Guy, in the UK only get 2 fobs but they are keyless entry so just sit in pocket all the time including locking the car.
Yes all 3 keys (2 regular fobs and 1 slim card style) are have RFID keyless entry.
what features does Honda connect actually provide ??
I went to get my car connected the other day but they said the Honda connect service is not up and running in Australia yet ......im curious at how you got yours set up already ?
Not sure your dealer is giving you correct info. Sydney City Honda helped me set up mine on the day of delivery.
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