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For the past 3 generations of Civics Honda has used some combination of FA/FB/FC/FD/FG/FK/FN for their chassis code.

Since the 11th gen Civic isn't a completely new redesign I imagine the new chassis code is going to start with a F as well. Anyone have predictions about what it could be?

10th Gen Civic - FC/FK
  • Civic 2-door coupe (FC3/FC4) (North America)
  • Civic 4-door sedan (FC1/FC2/FC5)
  • Civic 5-door hatchback (FK4/FK7)

9th Gen Civic - FB/FG/FK
  • Civic Sedan: FB2
  • Civic SI Sedan: FB6
  • Civic Coupe: FG3
  • Civic SI Coupe: FG4
  • Civic Hybrid: FB4
  • Civic Type R: FK2

8th Gen Civic - FA/FD/FG/FK/FN
  • Civic 2-door coupe (FG1/FG2, North America only)
  • Civic 3-door hatchback (FN1/FN2/FN3/FN4)
  • Civic 4-door sedan (FA1/FA2/FA3/FA4/FA5, North America only)
(FD1/FD2/FD3/FD4/FD6/FD7, International model)
- Civic 5-door hatchback (FK1/FK2/FK3)
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