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  1. 2022+ Honda Civic Performance, Mods & Tuning
    Hey so I don’t know if anyone has mentioned anything about seeing all their temps on their 2022 Civic Si. I’m aware that I can get a kTuner or Hondata to see my temps but does anyone know if there is an application that I can download to my middle display to show the temps? I saw that the FL5...
  2. 2022+ Honda Civic General Discussion Forum
    civic getn 11th turbo if traveling long distance When I arrive at the parking spot, can I turn off the engine immediately or not? Since I've heard that if the turbo is very hot when traveling long distances immediately turning off the engine is not good. In conclusion, what should be done?
  3. 2022+ Honda Civic Complaints, Issues & Problems
    I bought my Civic LX about a month ago (June 2022). Just recently it has been getting much hotter in Florida and I noticed that the air conditioning really isn't that cold. Either I didn't notice it before, or it hasn't been as hot out, not sure. I have the AC on full blast, with Eco mode OFF...
1-3 of 3 Results