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  1. Electronics, Audio And Stereo
    Since the 9 inch head unit on the touring models is based on Android, I enabled developer settings to see if I can get deeper access to the OS. My main intention was to increase DPI settings so Android Auto would display more information with the new UI. Under display, there is an option called...
  2. 2022+ Honda Civic General Discussion Forum
    I been trying to find a good name for my new sport touring. Anyone has any suggestions?
  3. Used 2022+ Honda Civics for Sale
    That is not a typo. Car only has 500 miles! This is the 2nd year of the 11th generation Honda Civic! I purchased this car a few weeks ago from a Honda dealer in N.J. I thought it was the car for me but unfortunately it is not. It is a hard-to-find 2023 Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatchback...
    $34,000 USD
  4. Other Vehicles
    First, lemme preface this with two facts… A) This is my first Honda B) This is not my first manual transmission 22 Sport Touring 6MT. < 8000 miles. I ok it in for first oil change, everything seemed to be working fine. Got the car back, sat for a week while I was out of town and now I am having...
  5. 2022+ Honda Civic General Discussion Forum
    Hello, Was wondering if anyone knew the OEM part number or where to get the matching part for the lower grill of the 22 sport touring civic? If you look towards the center you can see its cracked at the very bottom.
  6. 2022+ Honda Civic Parts
    I am selling my stock rims and wheels that came on the car, there is rim rash on two of the wheels but otherwise function as they should. Plenty of life left in them—7k miles in total on the set.
    $800 USD
  7. Exterior
    Just installed the HPD spoiler about 5 months after I purchased the car as it was backordered! Once you can get over the drilling into your Civic, it went well! A few notes from the experiance. Price: Purchased from OEMpartsource.com for $277. Honda was quoting me between $430-480 part only...
  8. 2022+ Honda Civic Pictures
    After about a 2-3 month wait, she's finally here! 2022 Hatchback sport touring in boost blue Waiting for the dealer to get the accessories in
  9. 2022+ Honda Civic Complaints, Issues & Problems
    Hello folks, when I'm driving my sport touring I can hear a clicking noise coming from the front left wheel. It is definitely the wheel doing it because the speed of the clicking mirrors the speed i'm going. I tried to record it but it is too faint to hear on audio. Any ideas on what this could be?
  10. 2022+ Honda Civic General Discussion Forum
    I came from a 2020 civic hatchback and the heated seats would be off if I had them turned on for the previous drive whenever I started it. On my 22 civic hatchback, the heated seats turn back on if I had them on from the previous drive. I’ve looked into it and it’s something they added for this...
  11. 2022+ Honda Civic Dealers, Prices And Orders
    2022+ Honda Civic Platinum White Pearl Sport Touring Hatch Back 6MT $29,850 MSRP $395 Color (Platinum White Pearl) $1015 Destination $139 Cargo Tray $85 DOC $30 MVSC $445 DMV & LIC Fees $2,754 My Sales Tax (8.75%)...
  12. 2022+ Honda Civic General Discussion Forum
    I live in a cold climate and my 2022 Sport Touring has issues with frost forming on the interior. The front windshield, the sunroof and the rear window are where it always forms. I ran it for a few days with the recirculation off and it seemed to rectify the situation. Until I opened my hatch...
  13. 2022+ Honda Civic Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Does anyone have a guess as to what the price for the 11th Gen Civic is going to be? For reference, here's how the current Civic lineup is priced: Honda Civic Sedan: $20,650 Honda Civic Coupe: $21,050 Honda Civic Hatchback: $21,750 Honda Civic Si Sedan: $25,200 Honda Civic Si Coupe: $25,200...
1-14 of 14 Results