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  1. 2022+ Honda Civic Parts
    The hatchback deck lid spoiler in SGP for sale is entirely new. $250. The dealer made it a part of the purchase deal however, I don't want to install it on my car—in the Philadelphia area for a local meet-up. Can meet up further distances under some circumstances.
    $250 USD
  2. Exterior
    Just installed the HPD spoiler about 5 months after I purchased the car as it was backordered! Once you can get over the drilling into your Civic, it went well! A few notes from the experiance. Price: Purchased from OEMpartsource.com for $277. Honda was quoting me between $430-480 part only...
  3. 2022+ Honda Civic General Discussion Forum
    Firstly, why isn't eHEV available in North America? Seems like EU always got better models, I mean, their 10th gen civic has panoramic sunroof. Secondly, THIS IS THE SPOILER I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR but can't find it anywhere! No hate on the HPD spoiler, I think it's dope, but I love the low...
  4. 2022+ Honda Civic General Discussion Forum
    A bit of an experiment, but do you think that the awesome type-R style spoilers will fit the sedan style Civic 11th gen? I don't think any of the new wing options for the 11th gen civic even compare so far to the previous gen, especially in size, with this one even being a little on the small...
  5. 2022+ Honda Civic General Discussion Forum
1-6 of 6 Results