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  1. 2022+ Honda Civic Complaints, Issues & Problems
    I recently did touch up paint for a small chip (metal visible) and didnt apply the primer. When I apply the paint it came out a bit dark in first layer. I am in Canada and dont know where can I get a paint that matches really close to this one. I am planning to remove this touch up using...
  2. Exterior
    I was recently gifted a palm polisher to use on my paint, as shown below. From what I understand, this isn’t ideal for actually polishing the paint on a car. It doesn’t help that I have no experience polishing paint. Can it still be done safely? I have a few minor scratches on the hood of my...
  3. 2022+ Honda Civic General Discussion Forum
    Hello all, So I’ve reached a few milestones with my new 22 Civic Sport, my first brand new car, first Honda, and first red car. I have previously had all silver cars but red was all that was available and I decided to switch it up. It wasn’t until after my purchased that I read that red car...
1-3 of 3 Results