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  1. 2022+ Honda Civic Complaints, Issues & Problems
    issues with Car Play seem to be pretty common. When plugging it in it will charge my phone but it won’t connect to CarPlay. Has anyone found anything to prevent/fix these? What size/make of cable are you all using if so. What other issues are you guys experiencing if any?
  2. Electronics, Audio And Stereo
    I have a 2022 civic sport 4D sedan and when i can get the car play to connect everything works fine until i get a text or a call the volume is extremely low even tho its turned all the way up?? I have an iphone 12 and yes i checked the volume in settings and done the reset on car, and then when...
  3. 2022+ Honda Civic Complaints, Issues & Problems
    Just got my 2022 Civic Si I bought it brand new . Apple car play is usually fine until my road trip today, I asked Siri to play a song all of as sudden it kept skipping every song then looked like it was playing no sound . Radio wouldn’t even work or anything else except for maps . Pulled over...
  4. 2022+ Honda Civic Complaints, Issues & Problems
    I see this has been posted before but I’ve never seen a resolution. I have a Sport Touring that for some reason, whenever I start the car fresh, my Apple CarPlay will be extremely slow and laggy. People on the other end of a call say my voice is choppy and incomprehensible and nothing seems to...
  5. 2022+ Honda Civic Complaints, Issues & Problems
    I accidentally yanked the port and now it's BARELY working. How can I replace this port? It's a lease.
  6. 2022+ Honda Civic Complaints, Issues & Problems
    Same as title. When using Apple CarPlay, the navigation guidance plays just fine until I’m on a phone call. Then all guidance mutes regardless of whether I’m using Apple google or Waze . Has anyone experienced a similar issue and or found a solution? Thanks in advance!
  7. 2022+ Honda Civic Complaints, Issues & Problems
    Hey guys! so i just picked up the sonic gray civic sport and when i got home was able to grab a cord and connect my phone to use apple car play. heres the issue, when i play music it is only coming out of the bottom left passenger speaker, no where else. when i put the radio on it comes from...
1-7 of 7 Results