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  1. 2022+ Honda Civic Parts
    Brand new stock CTR spoiler for sale. Was swapped out for the carbon fiber spoiler at the dealership and is brand new. No mounting hardware was given it's just the wing itself. Local pickup only. MSRP 800 bucks. This is 650 local pickup pm details. I believe this to be the part number...
    $650 USD
  2. 2023+ Honda Civic Type R Forum
    Check out the 2023 civic type r in Sonic Grey Pearl. It looks awesome!
  3. 2023+ Honda Civic Type R Forum
    I had the chance to ride along with the owner of the FL5 and drive it myself. We had a chill conversation about the car and share both of our initial impressions from some of the subtle details we noticed.
  4. 2023+ Honda Civic Type R Forum
    Hi guys, New to the forum. I was first on the waitlist for a type R. However, that dealership will only be getting to 2024 model and it will be in red. They also said that I would need to pay $500 a non-refundable deposit. I went to a couple of dealerships lately as I have been searching for a...
  5. 2023+ Honda Civic Type R Forum
    It's so cool to see how many safety/tech features will come standard with the new Civic Type R. The interior is so much nicer than the GR Corolla Dash layout in my opinion. Here's a video where I dive deep into the 2023 Civic Type R Specs
1-5 of 5 Results